A Comprehensive Wheelhouse of Trades & Tricks 


Marketing strategy

From industry and competitive research to identification of target segments and market opportunities, I understand how to put tangibles and depth to marketing. So often, marketing is seen as a soft discipline, but for me, it's equal parts art and science–intuition and proven results. I'm competent in defining and deploying:

  • Brand assessments and creative reviews
  • Industry research and competitive analysis
  • Audience segmenting and profiling
  • Market positioning and identifying tactics



For marketing and advertising to work at its best, I recognize and prioritize the need for strong branding. With a foundation of thoughtful messaging and strategic creative, a brand is set up for success. When managed properly, brands thrive through marketing implementation and better position a company's success for results, in brand awareness or even customer leads.

  • Brand guidelines (voice and visual)
  • Naming, messaging and content writing
  • Print and digital design
  • Brand consistency and ongoing management



Deploying a brand along with monthly marketing campaigns requires precision and detail. No brand is the same; therefore, every marketing plan should be tailored specifically to meet unique business objectives and marketing KPI. Results-focused and with undeniable organization, I am well-versed in executing tactics and tools to sync real ROI with a company's marketing dollars. Showing value and experience in:

  • Budget allocation and time management
  • Digital marketing programming (ads, social media, email, etc.)
  • Negotiating and scoping print advertising and direct mail
  • Tracking and reporting results (usually monthly)



In marketing, first impressions are pivotal. How a brand sounds and looks determines whether or not your audience will engage further with your product or service. In saturated markets especially, I've learned and mastered an understanding for how to work creatively within diverse industries and audiences to maintain credibility but always capture market share.

  • Graphic design (both print and digital media)
  • Website design and user experience
  • Content writing (both creative and technical)
  • Voice and visual pairing (for maximum results)