Brian Hutson


Self-declared “business creative”, I take on work a little differently than most marketing professionals. With a degree in Business Management at Texas A&M paired with my long-standing personal and professional experience in design and writing makes for a unique perspective. Dishing out consistent branding and marketing strategy while maintaining quality and standards isn't my only strong suit.

I always strive to find the head and the heart connection in everything I do–working together the right side of the brain with the left, creativity with business.

In my off time, if you can call it that, I'm busy throwing everything I've got into Houston IMA’s board duties, my fashion and writing ventures, my involvement at church and most importantly to me, my niece. Like I live my personal life, I believe professionally too that there’s always room for eccentric, grand ideas and bold, impactful changes. I've got an affinity for gold, the beach and TV dramas. I lead with a unique creative energy, always preceded with strategy and process to ensure things aren’t just pretty. My philosophy in life is that things need to be constructed–functionally and fashionably–to optimize results.


Instagram: @brianhutty